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WARNING:  If you choose to purchase Blu cigs from a site other than the official website location, you may not receive certain features and may not be covered by its warranty. Please visit the official website by clicking this link at ==>

 Blu Cigs Starter Kit

 With regular cigarettes having been banned in public places and increasing pressure around passive smoking, electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity. In fact, a retailer study estimated that there are currently 2.5 million e-cigarette users, resulting in sales of $300 million. Blu Cigs, the manufacturer of e-cigarettes that uses 100% USA ingredients, offers a huge variety of flavors in a simple, one-piece design.

What are Blu Cigs?

Blu Cigs manufacture electronic cigarettes; e-cigarettes deliver the same punch and nicotine as a regular cigarette but without the smoke (and passive smoking), smell or after-taste. No butts, no ash, no flames and no marks on fingers, teeth, walls, furniture and so on. They come in a range of flavors including classics like Classic Tobacco or menthol, as well as vanilla, cherry or other more exotic flavors.

Is Blu Cigs trustworthy?

They seem legit; they have social media presence, and interact frequently with their customers. Their Facebook and Twitter pages are updated on occasion and they keep their customer base up to date on their products. Blu Cigs is also a reputable business and is accredited by the BBB with an A-.

What do you get in the box?           

Blu Cigs Premium Kit

I ordered the Premium starter pack and it came, all packaged in a sleek black box complete with LED battery icon, with:

  • 2 Blu batteries
  • 1 five-pack of flavor cartridges (the equivalent of 5 packets of regular smokes)
  • A wall charger and USB charger, plus cable
  • Homing device that could be turned on or off (to alert you to other Blu cig users)

What’s the set up like?

I’ve never used e-cigarettes before, so was a bit apprehensive about the set-up. But it couldn’t have been easier. They arrived at just under half-charged, so I just made sure the batteries were fully charged using my wall charger and USB cable, then fitted a flavor cartridge to the ‘cigarette’. My first drag felt a bit strange, being used to a soft tip, but it delivered a genuine nicotine hit and the tip lit up to show it was working.

Charging is a cinch, those folks have thought of everything. Basically, if the ‘cigarette’ is in the pack, it’s charging – and you even have LED lights on the pack to show you how charged the cigarette and the battery are. Batteries can be charged by plugging into your PC or a regular socket. The lights stop their cycle motion when fully charged and the pack vibrates.

When your battery goes, just insert the spare battery into the pack and it automatically charges. I’ve read online that some users find the battery to go quite quickly, but having researched smokers of other brands, it seems like it’s just a common occurrence of e-cig batteries. For me, it lasted as long as it said it would and if it hadn’t, I’d have sent it back as you get a year’s warranty.

Using Blu Cigs – As good as the real thing?

I’m a Marlboro man so opted for the Classic Tobacco flavor in full flavor strength, but you can choose from light, ultra-light or even non-nicotine. I smoke 20 a day, more at the weekend, so I guess you could say I’m a good benchmark for ‘normal’ smokers thinking about making the switch.

First off, the flavor. I found the Classic Tobacco flavor authentic, although I have read that some hardened smokers would prefer an even stronger hit. For me it had all the characteristics that I love; the mellow, oaky flavor and tang.

Secondly, the duration. As with a regular smoke, the deeper you draw, the stronger the nicotine hit, so they’re pretty easy to use. Each cartridge lasts for around 250 puffs, but obviously it’ll be less or more depending on how deep you pull. I didn’t count, but I’m guessing a cartridge lasted me about the same time as a single packet.

Thirdly, the comfort element. I’ll admit, I missed the smoke at the beginning but soon became used to it. One of my buddies has recently switched to e-cigarettes, so going for a beer with him was great as we felt more comfortable both smoking them. You can use them in a bar, which was perfect for when we were shooting pool – I think we converted a few smokers around the pool table! The Blu Cig has built-in radar to let you know when another Blu smoker was close-by, which I guess would give you something to talk about. It also goes off when you’re near a retailer which is handy if you’re running low on cartridges, but you can turn off the radar if you like.

Finally, the social side. My wife and kids have long been on at me to stop smoking, not just for my health but for the smell, the passive smoke, the yellow fingers and teeth…the list goes on. Whilst I love the hit, I’m not ready to stop but the e-cigarette is a great compromise. I must admit, after a month or so of using them, I got into a buddy’s truck and the smell was overwhelming…I never realized it was so bad. I didn’t used to smoke around my family, but I remember once one of my kids recoiling when I got close and it really stuck. So I’m glad that I can still get my ‘cigarette’ but I’m not enforcing it on anyone near me.

What’s great about Blu Cigs?

  • Excellent smoking ‘experience’; authentic flavor and size plus a glowing tip
  • Great gimmicks such as the built-in phone charger, ‘Social’ radar for other Blu Cig smokers or retailers, and retractable wall charger prongs (great if you’re on the move)
  • Huge savings; around 50% on regular cigarettes
  • More sociable, no more nicotine fingers or smells
  • Cuts passive smoking for those around you
  • Battery management system with auto-charging and charge icons

Any downsides to the product?

  • Tip is blue; I’d prefer a more authentic color
  • I’ve read that some users would prefer a stronger hit than 16mg, so maybe it’s not for real heavy smokers
  • Some users have had issues with the battery lasting shorter times, but if there are defects then the products are under a year’s warranty which is reassuring

What are people saying about Blu Cigs?

“The premium starter kit is perfect, the vapor this little device puts out is enough to satisfy any regular smoker.” Travis

“I can sneak in the bathroom at work, I can smoke around my pets and children, my car is pristine, I’m saving money. The benefits are endless.” Jacki

“Good product, only suggestions is longer battery life per charge” Amanda

I only bought the Blu kit for the looks and the occasional vape so for now it works fine for me, but the battery life is not very long” Izak Last

My personal review of Blu Cigs

I was a bit apprehensive about e-cigs but figured that they were better than smoking the real thing. The set-up was easy and the Classic Tobacco was a decent, authentic taste that I could enjoy anywhere. I’m not sure that e-cigs deliver the same experience, but the social benefits far outweigh the downsides. I smoked around a pack a day so have saved a bunch of money and, despite being able to smoke almost anywhere, I’ve cut down my smoking which I really didn’t expect to do. I give it a thumbs up, although it might not be the right product for very heavy smokers or those who need a super-strength nicotine hit.

Best Place to Buy Blu Cigs

The official website is the best place to buy securely and comes with the 1 year warranty


Updated: January 16, 2013 — 9:41 pm


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  1. While in Walgreens noticed the Blu electronic cigs- so I bought a single cig. (All they had in this store.) I had already seen ad on TV & then read about them on Internet … I really wanted to try ‘cherry flavor’ since I had quit smoking in Mar. 2012 – after smoking menthol for little over 25 years – about pack to pk&1/2 per day. Felt cherry would not make me want to go back to regular. Cigarettes again but since the Walgeens store I was in didn’t have anything but reg or menthol – I got menthol. OMG, it taste Awful! I thought at first – maybe it because been year since I quit.. Now I’m really having the urge for a cigarette again but do not want to spend lot of money on a kit till I’m sure I will like the cherry flavor. Need to know where or if I can get a single cigarette in “cherry flavor” like the menthol I bought. Do not want to start smoking again but stress & pain have got me “wanting “. Help me, Please.
    T from Memphis, TN

  2. I wasn’t a huge smoker by any means but did enjoy smoking when i did. When my my Mother passed I began smoking again- Probably a pack a week to maybe a pack n a half weekly. My husband didn’t like me smoking and to be truthful I didn’t want to smoke- it really stinks.
    So I tried the “disposable BLU e-cig”, it was good- I enjoyed it, so much that I purchased a 2nd BLU e-cig to make certain I actually liked the product.
    I seemed very pleased with the disposable e-cig and purchased the starter kit- I was told this was the newest kit out on the market; the one w/the car charger. This feature I believed to be a good one.
    Well- I will now tell you the BLU starter kit e-cig is NOTHING like the disposable BLU e-cig. The draw on this new chargeable e-cig is exactly like sucking in air. A HUGE “air sound” seeps threw the cartridge. It makes me want to draw harder just to get a “hit”. When I called the BLU rep to find information on this issue- the c/s rep informed me some ppl find this air sucking sound to be an issue but she didn’t, she was happy with the product. (Well good for her- but I didn’t call to hear how she loved it) I called to inform the company their pre sale product is NOT at all like the actual product. To me it’s very misleading! Now 2 weeks into this product the battery completely dies. It will not charge. The car charger box blinks 3 times quickly (and does this 5 times total) The battery not only kept a terrible short charge but didn’t take a charge at all after the 2nd week. I’ve been told by c/s a replacement battery will be sent to me- I’ll see and then see how long this takes to arrive- worse yet- the other battery doesn’t last but maybe 1/2 hour max- so I’ll be charging more than smoking.
    Over all- pass up this product. I wish I could say personally drawing on this e-cig sucks as bad as the product does.
    Not recommended- unhappy e-smoker. I’ll probably try someone elses product and read ALL the comments I can prior to spending alot of money on it.
    After all-the BLU c/s rep also made this comment to me;
    I should have read the customer comments prior to buying it.
    Hmmm, gee-a-good idea ya think? After all – she loves her’s.

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