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  • Bodylastics
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  • Published on: October 17, 2012
  • Last modified: January 3, 2013

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  • Solid choice for a complete home and on-the-go workout.

WARNING: With so many sports band sites online, there are too many unauthorized sites offering Bodylastics. If you choose to purchase Bodylastics from a site other than the official website locations, you risk the chance of an outdated product which cannot be guaranteed of its authenticity, and may not be covered by its warranties. Please visit the official web site via this link =>

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Bodylastics is smashing the competition with its range of varied intensity resistance bands coupled with door and clip systems. It delivers a home gym that works, for a fraction of the cost of other home gyms or health clubs.

Up to 98% cheaper than other home flex equipment systems

With other resistance band home systems retailing at up to $2,500 and the average health club in the US costing $660 annually, it’s no wonder than Bodylastics is building such a devoted following. Its home system starts at $50, but is it worth it? We tested the product to find out, and bring you this review.

What is Bodylastics?

Bodylastics is a complete home gym system that uses resistance bands to create tension and stress on your muscles (that’s a good thing!). As your muscles adapt, they change strength and shape, so the system is designed for people that want to tone up and reduce fat, or build muscle.

In tough economic times, we sometimes have to forgo our treats, including those expensive gym memberships. Home gym machines can cost thousands and use up valuable space, so the technical wizards at Bodylastics designed a compact, lightweight but intense training system using resistance bands and simple tools that can turn any room at home into a gym.


What’s the science behind Bodylastics?

Elastic resistance training is the smoothest source of resistance available; light, flexible and incredibly powerful. By combining bands, users can generate up to 120 levels of tension, turning the system into a multi-dimensional muscle working machine, and delivering a strength level individual to the user’s needs.

Bodylastics uses a patented DGS (Distance Governor Safety) technology to prevent overstretching the bands to breaking point; the elastics are 99.9% snap-resistant, even up to an incredible 150lb of pressure.

How is Bodylastics different from conventional home gyms?

As well as taking up a fraction of the space needed by most home gyms, the Bodylastics team have developed two main design aspects to deliver the best ever body.

bodylastics quick clip systemFirstly, the Quick Clip System attaches solid aluminium elastic clips to handles and ankle straps to the bands, enabling the combining of bands for amazing results. The color-coded bands vary in thickness and up to all seven bands can be clipped to handles for maximum resistance! And secondly, the Door Anchor stabilizes bands to any door to recreate the best gym exercises at home. No more expensive lateral pull down machines!

The key competitor home flex system comes in two styles, one just over $1590 and the other just under $2500. However, the first one only gives 70 movement options and the second one just 90 options, whereas Bodylastics offers more than 140 individual exercises.

Say goodbye to expensive gym memberships!

The Bodylastics equipment has been designed to appeal to all types of user, whether they’re using it for yoga, ab workouts or muscle building. In fact, there are 100 workouts available for everything from pilates to bodybuilding.

Is the product guaranteed?

Absolutely. The bands come with 3 guarantees: a lifetime defects warranty, a 90 day money back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied and a 6-week visible results guarantee. Read more.

What about the company? Are they reputable?

Yes, they are very reputable. They have established a twitter, facebook and youtube account in an effort to better serve their customers needs. It’s great because you get the feeling that they aren’t trying to shy away from their customers.  The customer support is superb and they will replace your defective bands without question. You can email them at or give them a call at 1-561-998-4499. They are also an accredited BBB business with an A+ rating.

What are the benefits of Bodylastics?

Outstanding results: become leaner, stronger and more toned in less time than conventional gym machines

Less stressful on the joints: unlike free weights, elastic resistance does not create the momentum that is responsible for so many injuries

Wallet-friendly: for a fraction of the price of health clubs or home gyms like Bowflex or Crossbow, you’ll be optimising your muscles with this recession-busting workout

Shhhhh!: no more clanging of heavy weights or machines! The only noise you’ll hear will be your accelerated breathing!

Simple and easy to use: with no complicated set-up, the system is useable within minutes of taking it out of the box.

Recuperative: the momentum-free, continuous tension training movements provide a great workout without aggravating old injuries.

Supported 100% of the way: the system comes with a free 76-page workout booklet and access to a live workout website

Peace of mind: the product comes with a totally risk-free offer and money-back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied.

Suitable for all levels: whether building muscle or reducing fat and toning muscle, the bands are suitable for novices, intermediates or professional or competitive level athletes

Ultra-portable: lightweight and flexible design to fit into any overnight bag. No need to miss a workout when on the move!

Key features of the product

  • 99.9% snap resistant due to the DGS patented technology
  • DVD workouts available
  • Free Bodylastics online workout videos on
  • Aluminium clips on each band, to combine for increased intensity
  • Door clips to replicate expensive lateral and chest gym machines, at home
  • Starts from just $50
  • Results seen in as little as  four weeks
  • Individual elements available for purchase (replacement and individual elastics – currently USA only)

What are others saying about Bodylastics?

My life is forever changed and it is thanks to my personal trainer and Bodylastics! Heather K. Presley-Shell

Your bodylastics system keeps me in the best shape ever!! It is my little secret I always have with me in my traveling luggage! Bart

I am a personal trainer in New Jersey. I bought a set of your bands about one year ago. I must tell you this is a personal training company in a bag. David Knapp

Your product works, especially when you are on a tight budget and cannot afford a monthly club membership. In my opinion Bodylastic Resistance Bands is the best home gym out there. Jason

I have been a bodybuilder for over 30 years and injuries have prevented me from lifting weights any more. Your continuous tension band training system allows me to get a great workout without aggravating old injuries. John

I’ve been doing the video workout only for about a week now, but I swear I think it’s making a difference already. I’ve been telling all my friends about them, too…Melanie

I am an Exercise Physiologist with the WISH Center; a surgical obesity clinic in Illinois. I have researched a lot of home exercise equipment that would be appropriate for our special population and I have found your complete package to be the very best at home option to recommend. Betsy

Our Personal Review of Bodylastics

Our product research gives the product a resounding 10/10 for simplicity, cost and above all, results. Compared against the cost of gym membership, this product is a wallet-friendly package that really delivers. In my opinion, they are the best resistance bands on the market, whether you’re new to strength training or right up to bodybuilder level.

5 reasons why Bodylastics is better than other bands:

  1. bodylastics review3 Guarantees: Lifetime defects warranty, 90 day satisfaction guarantee, and 6-weeks results guarantee.
  2. Bodylastics is built with high quality components. The bands are durable and feel very sturdy.
  3. They are highly snap resistant (99.9%)
  4. The Quick Clip System – This allows users to combine bands much easier than other brands that don’t have the quick clip. Regular bands with handles attached require you to hold multiple handles at once. With Bodylastics, you can attach one handle to about 6-7 bands at once (see example pic).
  5. The Accessories – Depending on your selected kit, you will receive some selection of accesories. In the kit we purchased we received the handles, ankle straps, anywhere anchor, door anchor, workout DVD/manual, and carrying case.

Best Place to Buy Bodylastics

The official site,, is the best place to buy. They are BBB accredited and offer 3 guarantees as mentioned above. Please use this link to visit the Official Bodylastics site =>
Updated: January 3, 2013 — 2:28 am

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