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My review of the e-cigarette market: Does Green Smoke deliver the best nicotine hit?

If you’re reading this review, you’re more than likely looking for an electronic cigarette to either help you get off regular cigarettes, or to help you through times where you’re not allowed to smoke, like a long flight. You may, like I did, feel a bit overwhelmed by the choices available, so I’ve conducted a review of the market and I’m pleased to put forward the Green Smoke e-cigarette as my electronic cigarette of choice.

Aren’t all electronic cigarettes the same?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that all e-cigarettes are created equal. Whether you’re on the market for something to be used every day, or – like me – something to replace the odd social cigarette that inevitably accompanies a few drinks at the weekend, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself before investing in a kit:

  • Does it deliver a real, powerful nicotine hit?
  • Does it replicate a true smoking experience?
  • Does it have a range of authentic flavors to satisfy all tastes?
  • Can I charge on the move?

More vapor: more authenticity

The innovative technology behind the Green Smoke means that with every puff, more vapor is released for a sensation truly like that of a regular cigarette. Whilst other brands can struggle to create a depth and breadth of nicotine hit, the Green Smoke really delivers.

A genuine experience

There are several ways in which the Green Smoke outperforms its rivals. First off, it is lighter than many of the other e-cigarettes out there, which is more akin to a regular cigarette. Secondly, it has a tip that is green but glows red when you take a puff, and thirdly the tip actually lights up slowly and fades after the puff, just like a real cigarette.

Depth of flavor

Whilst Green Smoke has, what is seen by some as, a limited range of flavors, you really can’t fault the quality of those flavors. I occasionally smoke a menthol cigarette (or five!) when I’ve got friends over for a night, and the menthol version of Green Smoke is honestly just as good as the real thing. My friend is really keen on the ‘Red Label’, being an ex-Marlboro smoker, and he says it’s just like the original. There are also some more experimental flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate, as well as traditional pipe or regular tobacco. The cartridges are available in five different strengths, ranging from zero and ultra-light (0.6%) up to strong (2.4%), so there is guaranteed to be something suitable for every smoker.

Everything you need

The manufacturer offers a range of kits, starting at the Express Kit (containing 1 battery and 5 cartomizers or the equivalent of 7.5 packets of regular cigarettes), up to the ‘Ultimate’ which contains every bell and every whistle! Obviously, individual elements such as the cartomizers and batteries are also available separately as well. I bought the ‘Express Kit’ as I wanted to try before committing; it came with a 30-day money back guarantee so there was really no risk to me for trying the brand. Although I won’t be sending it back; no more bad smells, ash, cigarette butts, unsociable standing in the cold and rain…I can have a Green Smoke wherever I like, without upsetting anyone!

Green Smoke on the go

Green Smoke can be charged on the go. As well as being able to choose between a short-life or long-life battery (I chose short-life as I use mine very infrequently), you will receive a USB home charger kit with the Express kit and an in-car adaptor with the Pro and Ultimate kits. Perfect for topping up those batteries wherever you are.

How much should you pay?

The kits, via the manufacturer, start at $59.97 for the Express kit, but individual disposables (each the equivalent of 1.5 packets of cigarettes) can be bought in Menthol or Absolute Tobacco, the price for six being $59.97. There is very little available on Amazon, so it’s best to purchase direct from the manufacturer so that you’re sure of the authenticity too. Check out Green Smoke’s Web Site for their latest deals here

What are others saying about Green Smoke e-cigarettes?

There are only a handful of reviews of the Green Smoke cigarettes online, but the feedback has been resoundingly positive. Electronic Cigarettes Review rated the products a healthy 4.5 out of 5.

  • “Arguably amongst the best [flavors] in the industry”
  • “Green Smoke e cigs are really good quality.”
  • “Awesome products, friendly customer service, fast shipping. Love my Green Smoke.”
  • “AMAZING flavors! Menthol is my favorite. It beats any other menthol flavor I’ve tried so far. Really impressive.”
  • “Incredibly rich flavors and very strong throat hit.”
  • “5/5: the rich and tasty flavors are the best part about Green Smoke.”
  • “They produce a lot of vapor and their flavors are good.”
  • “The quality of Green Smoke seems to be well above other brands I’ve looked into.”

Interested in buying?

Take advantage of the company’s 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied, by clicking here to purchase for yourself.

Updated: February 28, 2013 — 5:57 pm

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