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All across the western world, we’re focusing on incorporating more fruit, vegetables and nuts into our diet. Helping us is a dizzying array of blenders, juicers et al on the market, but one product is standing out for its ability to extract all of the nutrients that others leave behind. Bill Bertens tests the Nutribullet NBR-12 and gives his thoughts on the extractor that’s making people talk.

What is the Nutribullet NBR-12?

Hailed as being able to create superfoods out of ordinary foods, the Nutribullet is not a blender or a juicer, but an extractor. It has been designed to access the hidden nutrition by pulverizing ingredients into their most nutritious and digestible form.

Why is it so important to access all of the nutrients?

Nutrients are essential to our diet in order to fight and prevent disease, keep a healthy weight, keep joints supple, encourage healthy skin, hair and nails and assist with sleep and mood.  Extracted food from the Nutribullet gives us the food in its most absorptive state, going straight into our bodies.

What about the Nutribullet, LLC? Are they reputable?

Yes, they are seem reputable. They have well established twitter, facebook and youtube accounts. However, there have been some complaints about ordering from the Nutribullet site such as poor phone/email service (source) which is why we recommend you order from

Using the Nutribullet

nutribullet green smoothie

I managed to sleep through the whole Magic Bullet phenomena, but did buy into the juice trend for about 2 days. But I quickly gave it up as the machine was so bulky and cleaning every part of me drove me (or my wife, actually) a bit mad. Plus it seemed like you used sacks of fruit and veg to get a dribble of juice; all that waste. Then later I found out that loads of the goodness is in the fibre of fruit, and I was just basically drinking sugar. Overall, a big mistake on my part and one that led me to avoid anything faddish in the future. But then a friend and fellow reviewer told me about the Nutribullet and how it was the ‘next level’ of kitchen appliances.

  • Doesn’t it take up half your kitchen? I asked. No, apparently it’s tiny.
  • Doesn’t the cleaning make you want to cry? No it rinses clean in seconds
  • Isn’t there loads of waste? None at all – it pulverises and extracts rather than juices.

So I gave it a whirl and, hey presto, it actually IS tiny, DOES clean in seconds and LEAVES no waste. And apparently it has over double the power (600 watts vs. 250 watts) of its predecessor, the Magic Bullet.

What can you use the Nutribullet for?

The power in the blades means that I could use it to blend almonds, macadamias and pumpkin seeds into butters (saved us a fortune in the health stores). I also followed a few of the recipes in the book designed to accompany the device, and as I got more adventurous I found myself whizzing up brown rice and quinoa to use to make breads and pancakes. It’s never been so easy to get children to eat healthily and the great thing is, they don’t even know it! You can make soups (using 100% extracted veggie goodness), desserts, dips and dressings; I found it so easy to just chuck in whatever’s left in the larder to make smoothies – pears, greens, kiwi…it all went in. The manufacturers suggest turbo-charged smoothies called ‘NutriBlasts’, just one of which can give you all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. So the wife and I tried one, one every morning, and after a week the results were visible. She lost 3lb, I lost 1lb, but we could see the results in our skin and general energy levels. Better sleeping, no more mid-afternoon naps or snacks…I really did feel like we were getting a different level of goodness from our drinks!

Any downsides?

The Nutribullet is ridiculously simple to use. However, you really need to stick to the ‘max limit’ guidelines on the cups – fill it over that point and you’ll be mopping up leaks. I guess that’s what the line is there for! You also need to ensure that the base is screwed on tight…like any blender or similar appliance. You only need to make that mistake once too! If it isn’t on tight enough whilst it’s on, I found that unplugging it means you can rotate the cup without more leaking.

What differences did the Nutribullet make to our lives?

  • Saved money – we bought over-ripe fruit & veg at bargain prices to use in soups and drinks
  • Saved even more money – making our own nut butters and specialist flours!
  • Less mess – the whole fruit or veg is used so no pulp leftover to scrape out
  • Less recycling – we cut right down on our jars, tins and cartons by making our own stuff
  • Lost weight and water – one superjuice each day filled us right up (they were heavy because of all the pulp and skins) and stopped us snacking. 1lb for me without trying and 3lb for the wife, in a week
  • All round better health – we slept better, and apparently my eyes, skin and hair looked healthier too.

What do you get?

I purchased from Amazon and received the following:

  • 2 16 oz mug/mix containers (SHORT cups) one w/handle, one without.
  • 1 22 oz (approx) large container (TALL cup)
  • 2 drink-rim rings, one with a handle
  • milling blade for chopping nuts, grinding grains into flour etc
  • extractor blade which generates 600 watts of power – enough to whizz up seed husks, thick stems and tough skins
  • 2 resealable lids
  • Motor power base
  • Recipe Book
  • Brief nutrition guide

What are people saying about Nutribullet?

This is a great product for people who can’t stand the taste of greens in their diet and really want to get in healthier shape. Ian V
I’ve tried several of the recipes that came with the Nutribullet and they’re great” Momthebomb
I’m ecstatic about this product and do not regret my purchase. I also feel great and energy packed!!!!! Mr Black
I have been using this once a day for a month or more. My energy level is through the roof and I feel wonderful! I am working out better than I used to. Linda Scope

My review of Nutribullet

I’m the first to admit that I was really skeptical about the Nutribullet, just because of past experiences with juicers. But it’s not a juicer, it’s an extractor, and I genuinely found that I felt better and fresher after a Nutribullet smoothie than I ever had with other blenders or juicers. We felt better, we looked better, we ate better and we saved a bunch of money. I would recommend the Nutribullet to anyone that wants to get themselves or their family healthier in the simplest way possible!

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  • Published on: October 27, 2012
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  • A quality blender/juicer that will give you a great boost in life! Good for losing weight, too!

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  1. Thank you for the awesome – very detailed and complete review. You answered my question, which was, “Should I buy one?” I definitely will buy it.

  2. I love this machine. I have used it for 3 months without any problems. I have lost 22 lbs to get me back to my normal weight. I didn,t do anything different except make one drink each morning. I feel great.

    1. Steve – In order to lose the 22lbs within 3 months, did you eat your normal meals? And if so, what did your meals consist of? Thanks Monica

      1. 50% Leafy Greens (I use spinach or Romaine or a combination of both)
        50% fruits – I use strawberries, apples, blueberries, avocado, watermelon, cantaloupe, and banana.
        I fill the gap with coconut water.
        I also put 2-3 tbsp of hemp seed, flax seed, or whole, raw almonds.

        Use whatever combo suits you.

        I lost 5 lbs in the first week and 7 lbs the 2nd week by doing 2 “blasts” per day and having a salad with chicken (and a vinaigrette) for lunch. I don’t have cravings for fatty or salty snacks anymore either.
        Well worth the price!!

    2. Hello,

      I am currently looking into purchasing the Nutribullet and would like to know being a year later did your review change? Are you still happy with the Nutribullet and does it really work. I would hate to spend a lot of money on it and you no longer feel the same way about it. Your honest opinion, would I be wasting my money?


      1. While my first nutribullet broke, I still recommend it because it was covered by warranty and they sent a new one. They also modified the newer model to be more reliable. It’s still a very functional tool in my kitchen and I think it’s a wise investment.

  3. My friend wanted a nutribullet for Christmas, so I went to the website to order one, close to the end of checking out I was offered the opportunity to buy a second one at half price. Really I wanted to try it too and half price was to good to turn down. So I bought it and I LOVE it. It is an amazing machine. My juicer took so much time to clean and it took up so much space and to be honest each time I was prepared to use it, I changed my mind thinking of the mess. I make a nutri blast for breakfast and for an afternoon snack. I actually take it to work with me. I have so much energy but I am not sleeping very well. I find I am not tired and just lay in bed at bedtime. But there does seem to be a little extra room in my jeans and after a month I moved a belt notch, that hasnt moved in 2 years (Menopause issues) I love the nutribullet and I highly recommend it.

    1. Hi Audree. Just wanted to comment on your sleep. After day 4 I had to cut down my sleep to 7 hours. I used to get 8-9 but started getting so much energy, I would toss and turn for and hour + at my usual bedtime. Now I got to bed an hour later (2am) and get up at 9 with no problems. Sometimes I wake up before my alarm goes off. Im kind of excited I gained an hour each day since I used to lose 2 hours to a mid-afternoon nap :) Hope you are well.

  4. This is a wonderful investment!! Thankfully I didn’t have to buy it bc I asked for it for Christmas and my mother was happy to get it. I have noticed such an increase in energy level! My skin/hair/nails are seeing the benefits of this too, as well as my waistline. I am an overall very fit 23 year old woman, but these nutriblasts make the world of a difference. I urge anyone looking to get into shape and eat better to get this. So worth it!

    1. The motor and the size are the two main differences.
      The Magic Bullet has a 250 watt motor vs the Nutribullet 600-watt motor.
      The base of the Nutribullet is about 2x the weight and 1.5x the height of the Magic Bullet.
      The larger size also means the container have a larger volume capacity.

    2. The NutriBullet has a 600 watt motor (Magic Bullet has 250). The NutriBullet large vessel has a 24-ounce capacity (Magic Bullet is 18 ounce) and the NutriBullet comes with the all-new Extractor Blade that emulsifies even the toughest of ingredients including seeds, nuts and stems.

  5. Thank you for the review. Has anyone tried this product for wheat grass? I have one of those bulky juicers, that are a pain to clean, I had to wrap the wheat grass in lettuce or spinach leaves to juice it. They recommend using a masticating juicer for wheat grass, but that is even bulkier and a major pain to clean as well. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  6. I was feeling just crummy. Even though I ate all those fruits & veggies my immunity was terrible. I have been using it for about 3 weeks and I feel so much better.My daughter said she notices that my skin looks better. Both my children have ordered for their families now.

  7. I would like to try your product but I’m a bit of a naturalist and I try to avoid plastics. I read that your blades are stainless steel and that’s good but I do wish you would offer the option of glass containers. Please consider it. J Brues

    1. All of the NutriBullet Cups are made out of non-toxic high-impact plastic. Unlike glass, they do not shatter when dropped. They do not contain any BPA (Bisphenol A) or Phthalates.

  8. Tried so many blenders etc. When my husband bought this one home I said not another one. I was totally surprised at the nutribullet, amazing we love it. After one week I lost 2 pounds, and felt great overall

  9. i can’t stand alot of healthy drinks. they taste so bad i feel like i would be wasting my money. i do need something to help me feel better, because i’m not in good health. i can’t buy one & not be able to drink the drinks, so i don’t find many people when i looked the product up what people were saying about the taste, i only found one person that said something about the taste. that is why i’m hesitate about buying one.

    1. I hate the taste of health drinks too, green drinks are disgusting. I have had my NutriBullet for about a month now and I fill it half with spinach and kale, some pineapple, kiwi, strawberry, and banana,I throw in some blackberry to take away the green look and it is amazing, you can’t even taste the green’s. I absolutely love my NutriBullet.

      1. Holy crap I can’t believe how wonderful this little machine is! My friend and I sat down and watched a few documentaries (fat, sick,and nearly dead as well as Hungry for Change). Immediately I felt the urge to nix out all the processed foods in our life. My fiance and I are so busy that it was just easy to pull out a pound of hamburger in the morning and make some delicious but AWFUL for you quick dinner a couple times a week. Overall, I try so hard to keep us healthy and eating good foods, but am just TOO BUSY sometimes. My fiance absolutely loathes deep green veggies and I had to sneak them into his food at night. We recently quit smoking/chewing and decided to keep the ball rolling after new years. I was very hesitant to buy a juicer as I feel like we would be losing SO much of the good fibers in the pulp, and as I already mentioned, I am too busy for the darn cleanup. SO, long story short, we bought the Nutribullet 900 and OMG it’s amazing. 50% kale, spinach, and other leafy greens and then a banana, some berrries (not too sweet or you are loading up on fructose calories) and an ALL important banana (amazing how much this will mask the veggie fiber taste). I LOVE them and I think my fiance loves them even more! I can’t believe I got him not only drinking 5x the amount of veggies he used to, but also craving them and all about making sure we have the right foods and nuts/oats/seeds to make them! He was having such troubles with sleep, overall health, and super high cholesterol at age 28. Since our purchase, he has AMAZING energy (no more evening/lunch break naps or morning coffee), sleeping through the night, mood is incredible (back to the goofball that I fell in love with), constant ear problems are starting to subside, skin is improving, no more snaking throughout the day, and best of all he has been losing a pound a day since we started. My results have been almost identical. All I have to say is that if you have ANY doubts about buying this machine, quit!! Bed Bath and Beyond has the 900 Pro model on sale RIGHT NOW (as of 1/13/2014) for $150. Sign up for the emails (you can cancel after you receive your coupon), and receive a 20% off one single item IN-STORE ONLY. With taxes (in Colorado) I received this miracle machine for $130. SO WORTH THE INVESTMENT!! GO BUY ONE RIGHT MEOW!!!

  10. I just purchased mine and it is very true! It is small. It is easy to clean and I have so much energy! I feel great knowing that I am consuming something healthy first thing in the morning. I have replaced my sugary-high fat coffee with a drink full of vitamins and wholesome goodness. Everyone should have one.

  11. I love this thing. Helps with energy though out the day….
    Helped lower my blood pressure. Works best with GMO free foods and organic…… Whole foods are the key, you can feel the difference. Don’t buy your fruits and veggies from your local grocery store……..

  12. I absolutely LOVE my NutriBullet….I use it everyday! It’s my favorite kitchen gadget. I was skeptical, my husband is actually the one who bought it. We watched the infomercials and thought it looked great but…..I still wasn’t sold on it. I’m so glad my husband ordered it. Thanks NutriBullet…’s an awesome product!

  13. I agree with your review 100%. This is the best purchase I’ve made for myself and my family ever. I too have only had my nutribullet for a week and while I do not know if Ive lost weight yet, my wedding ring is getting loose. I also haven’t touched vegetables since I was 3 or 4 years old and after just 4 days, I have more energy then when I sucked down 1/2 a 12 pack of soda and green tea all day (Yes, I was quite unhealthy). I always needed a nap in the afternoon but now I have more energy than I know what to do with! Now my husband and kids are asking for nutriblasts :) I wish you and your wife well!

  14. I just ordered mine after watching the infomercial. I’m fighting stage4 colon cancer on top of the other three I also have. I’m also looking for something to help me get off of all the morphine based pain meds I’m on. As soon as it gets here and I use it for a week or two I will do an update and let you all know what results I get for 1.pain management and 2. Energy and immune issues. I do Chemo every six weeks so I’ll report what my doc has to say about it.

    1. Best of luck fighting your cancer, Harvey. I have seen many documentaries which indicate that cancer can be fought with a vegetable diet, though the mainstream medical community won’t admit it. I really believe that if you get your Nutribullet and use it religiously, it’s going to help. I can’t say it will cure you on its own, but I really think it will help.

      It would be great if you could keep us all posted on your progress, especially as it pertains to you and your Nutribullet.

      My wife and I have been juicing for almost three months now, but we just switched to the Nutribullet because we felt it was such a waste throwing all that pulp away. It really pulverizes all the veggies into a smooth juice with only a few very tiny chunks in it. In fact, we even add bananas or Tofu to the drinks just to thicken them up a bit. Nothing is wasted with the Nutribullet.

    2. Harvey,

      I really wish you the best of luck in your fight! My grandfather battled the same thing, and if only I new about this machine earlier (not too say it wouldn’t have been a fight in itself to get a very ‘manly man’ to drink these green drinks every day).

      Please please please do keep us all posted. I too have heard in the documentaries that it can help. However, documentaries can be biased just like any other program that is edited.

      Again we wish you the best and you are in our hearts and prayers! God speed my friend.

    3. Harvey: Do you have good news about your health for us? I hope you are doing well and the nutribullet is helping. I just got mine about one week ago and I love it. Since I started out as very healthy, I have not seen any improvements but I know the benefits will stay long-term.

  15. This product worked great for a month then it began to leak and then it gave me trouble starting. Finally it would not start at all. There have been too many complaints about this product. The company knows that it does not pay for the individual person to start a big commotion but I think it is in the area of consumer fraud. This is a faulty product.

  16. The customer Service is Horrible. As a corporation, they require their sales rep to spend 30 minutes over the phone to sell you additional unnecessary products (including Magazines, bags, etc) to go with NutriBullet. I just wanted to purchase Nutribullet and informed sales lady that I am not interested in purchasing additional products. Sales lady says it’s company policy and forced me to listen to all the upgrades. Christine says I won’t be able to purchase the Nutribullet, if I do not let her finish her sales pitch. She ended up reading from a list and took her 25 minutes to finish that! I asked how many “books” came with the order. She was not even able to answer that. She had to go to her manual and read out all the blades and manuals that came with the order. Sales people are such robots being run from corporate that they don’t even know how to answer a simple question.

    1. Hi Linda… i just spent about 30mins on the phone ordering this thing for my mother, i kept being told the many do
      different offers i had and like youve said, they tell you about all these other producta you have no interest for…well aftrr i finally placed my order my mother decided to say “NVM” i now have to wait a few hrs to call customer service and cancel all the things i “had” to say yes to.

      If you happen to remember the name of the magazine company they are allied with would truly appreciate the link since ij for sure they will just cancel the nutri bullet order and not the rest of the non needed crap they make you say yes to regardless if you want them or not

  17. Flipping channels on day I came across the infomercial for the Nutiblast – was hooked. Thought about it for a couple days, did some research and found many didn’t like the purchase from the infomercial. I found it at Bed Bath & Beyond $99. bought it.

    We absolutely love it. Husband and I have been using it every day at least twice a day. We are both well into our 60s weight is suppose to be so difficult to shed – well the first week I (female) lost 9 lbs. We throw most any fruit, nut, flax, energy booster into the mix. If you don’t like green add 1/4c blueberries. I think some people can’t get over the color and it affects their taste. We love the drinks. I drink 2-3 per day. Just think, no sugar, no fats, barring nuts.
    This little machine is a work horse and it’s well worth the money, we are getting another one for the RV.
    The only complaint I have is: can’t keep enough bananas in the house! ;-)

  18. Nutri Bullet is dangerous. I loved it for 6 months then noticed it was getting louder and then that rust was leaking from the bottom. I thought it was ok as long as it didn’t get into my juice. Then I researched a bit online and found this video It shows that the rust gets sucked up into your juice. I tried just putting water in my nutribullet and after running it, the water became brown. A lawsuit should be filed against this company. They are stealing sick people’s money and making them more sick. Shameful how far people will go to make money.

  19. I love my Nutri bullet! Have been using it for about 5 weeks and I’ve lost 13 lbs. I’ve tried many of the recipes for the food items and have liked them all. I don’t do the special types of smoothies though, just spinach or mixed greens and strawberries, bananas, blueberries, watermellon, grapes, oranges, flax seed and seseame seeds. I freeze one serving size of strawberries, blueberries, grapes and oranges together in sandwich baggies.
    I make about 25 baggies worth and store in a bin in my freezer.
    Then let 1 thaw overnight the night before I want the smoothie. I add the other ingredients the day of. My smoothies are really cold, without being too thick/frozen. This helps keep my fruit fresh longer too.

  20. I never leave reviews, I generally only read them before a purchase. I must say that the NutriBullet is an excellent product and a must have for everyone. I have been trying to get back to my college body for 5 years now. And I can say that I’ve tried everything to no avail. I am transformed. I have 2 blasts a day, eat lean meat, low carbs and go to Zumba after work. I feel awesome and my clothes look better on me. I’m always the last to see a change because scale doesn’t keep me motivated to keep going, it does the opposite for me really. But I can definitely tell now in how I look in my clothes. And people around me can tell too, which is what it’s all about really :-). The NutriBullet is the 1 item that was always missing for me. Get one, ASAP! My favorite recipe right now that keeps me full is half greens (kale, spinach, spring greens) mixed berries (strawberry, blackberry, raspberry), chia seeds, apple, walnut, cinnamon oatmeal, almond milk, a little water and 2 cubes of ice. Delish!

  21. This is a compliant that I filed to the department of consummers affairs: I purchased a food blender called the Nutribullet 14 months ago from Bed bath and Beyond. They have varous infomercials on the product on TV and can be found at local retailers; however, I have the nutribullet for the last 14 months since then the blade stem/ bearings have rusted twice. I ordered a replacement blade about 6 months ago and this one has rusted as well and putting rust in my drinks. The blades need new materials that will not rust, and 2 blades in 14 months is unacceptable . The company thinks there is nothing wrong with their product, but there are multiple postings and video to show the problem. Because of health concerns I am submitting a complaint to your department. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.

  22. nutribullet jams up. the design is inferior because of the notches.
    why not just have a switch to turn it on? it’s wonderful because
    it really creates perfect drink texture, but it should have a switch.

  23. Machine does not have a switch. It requires pressing down very hard and turning the juice container clockwise to activate the motor. Alternatively you can leave unplugged with the prep loaded and ready to go, then plug it in and out of the wall outlet to start and stop the juicing. Either way, operation is not convenient.

  24. This product is a waste of money. I purchased a NutriBullet on February 3, 2013 through Home Shopping Network. After using the NutriBullet 5-6 times, it stopped working. I called the customer service number for NutriBullet and explained the issue. The customer service representative asked me to troubleshoot with him over the phone, which I did. Following the troubleshooting, which took about 40 minutes, the NutriBullet did work again. The customer service representative then ask me if I would like to purchased a new blade at a discounted price. I agreed and purchased the new blade. The NutriBullet was still under the original warranty at the time, however I went ahead purchased an extended warranty also. After a week of not using the NutriBullet, I tried to make a shake and again, it did not work. I did the exact same thing the customer service representative had me do during the previous troubleshooting call and it did finally work. I then called NutriBullet to ask them to please send me a new because I do not think I should have to troubleshoot to get it to work every time I want to use it. They have refused and I’m frustrated. I now own a product which I paid over $100.00 for plus purchased extended warranty on that Nutri Bullet refuses to replace.

  25. I think the nutribullet is fantastic. my only question if it is safe for my 2 year old to have some? i cant get him to eat much food so i want to try something else so i can make sure he gets all the vitamins and nutrients.

    1. I cannot imagine it being bad. I am not a medical doctor but logic tells me it will be excellent for him to have some of your smoothies.

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