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No matter how hard we try, how much exercise we do and how many scrubs and potions we use, the war against stretch marks never seems to be over. Childbirth, the move to adulthood, weight changes…they can all leave us with unsightly scars and affect our confidence. I’ve tried all the household names with very few results, and am now trialing one cream being touted as a miracle – Trilastin – to see whether it really does deliver.

What is Trilastin?

Trilastin is a hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free cream that claims to reduce scars and stretch marks; any type of dermal (skin-level) scar. It uses its own blend of ‘bioactive ingredients, collagen-rich microspheres and a virtual patch of marine collagen’ in association with its own delivery system in order to lessen the appearance of discoloration and furrowing of scar tissue.

Where is it sold and is EC Research Corp a reputable company?

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Trilastin is sold through the official site and there are frequent promotions like this month’s coupon code to the left. The company EC Research has been a accredited BBB business for several years and they usually reply if you send them a tweet or post on facebook.

How is Trilastin better than the competition?

It’s all in the science, apparently. Trilastin uses a time-release formula (SDDS or Sequenced Diffusion Delivery System) that creates a film and releases the active ingredients slowly over time, so that the skin absorbs them more effectively. It also uses a collagen filler, which reduces the furrows by filling them, for a smoother and more hydrated surface area.

What are the ingredients?

Trilastin uses corn kernel extract which has advanced healing properties (who knew?!), a soluble vitamin C complex called BVOSC, Dermachlorella D which contains 19 animo acids, Elasten, Collagen, licorice extract which reduces the skin’s dark pigmentation and vitamin E, renowned for its antioxidant properties.

Using Trilastin

I decided to use the cream on one hip, so that I could compare it to the other hip after a month (I wish I hadn’t now, but more about that later!). First off, I showered and towel dried. I then squeezed a little (just over a pea-sized amount) into my hands and rubbed together, before rubbing over my left hip until it was completely absorbed. I did it once in the morning and once in the evening, as close to 12 hours apart as I could get. I wish I could say that it was luxurious, creamy, smelled delicious and so on, but the truth is that it felt pretty nothing-like to be honest! It is fragrance free, it wasn’t sticky or gloopy or creamy, so no luscious, perfumed ultra-moisturizer. Just a clinical cream.

I deliberately didn’t compare to my right hip until about 3 weeks in when I could wait no longer. I’d already got an inkling that the left side was showing results, but when I compared the two I could hardly believe it. After just three weeks, I could see that the skin was more even and felt smoother, but when I compared both hips after 8 weeks, one side was virtually free from the silver streaks that my husband likes to call my ‘go faster stripes’ – charming I know! – and the skin looked so much tighter and brighter. So I felt like a bit of an idiot, with un-matching sides, and had to wait another few weeks for the other side to catch up! But the results are great, I feel so much more confident, which is great as we’ve a tropical holiday coming up in a few months.

The other good thing about this cream is that, once you’ve seen your results, you don’t need to keep using it. The only thing you’d pick it up for again is if you get new scars, so it’s well worth the investment.

Is Trilastin suitable for all skin tones?

I’m fair, but apparently the cream works on all skin types and complexions. It has also been tested on thousands of women in 130 countries.

Is it safe?

Whilst FDA-approval isn’t required for a non-prescription cream, Trilastin is manufactured in an FDA-registered laboratory.

How long does a tube last?

It depends on where you’re using it but on one hip I used about half a tube in 2 months, so if treating both hips it would last for 2 months; if doing the stomach area too, probably a month.

Does it come with a guarantee?

The manufacturers are so sure of its results that they offer a satisfaction guarantee with your money back if you’re not totally happy.

What’s great about Trilastin?

  • Only needs a tiny amount for good coverage
  • Don’t need to continue use once you’ve seen results
  • Results in just a few weeks
  • Hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free so good for sensitive skin
  • Works for light and dark skin
  • Works on scar tissue and stretch marks, any ‘dermal’ or skin-layer scar
  • Satisfaction guarantee

And not so great?

  • Small bottle, quite expensive
  • Not an overnight cure, needs regular application over weeks

What are others saying about Trilastin?

“I’m a real woman who was very insecure about her body sense having my daughter. I have been using this product for 1 month and I see results already!” Brandee

“I’ve only been using this for 10 days. I can still see my stretch marks but they feel different! Almost like they are filling themselves in…they’re smoother.” Tiffany O, PA

“I still have a long way to go but Tri-Lastin works way better than any other treatment I have tried” Kendra

“I began looking for remedies at 17. I’ve spent thousands, but this 90 dollar cream has been the best.” Amazon reviewer

“Trilastin did not remove my stretchmarks completely, but it made such a significant difference in what it looked like before that I’ll forever be grateful.” Vek222, Amazon reviewer

“The stuff does work for me, but not an overnight cure, must be diligent with it, 2 times a day for probably 4+ months.” B White, Amazon reviewer

Trilastin review: My opinion

I can’t comment for those with darker skin or very heavy stretch marks, but I found this product to be amazing on my old, silver marks which have been on my hips since time began. With regular use, I really saw the marks diminish and the skin become more supply with a much more even skin tone. I’m really glad I tried this cream, and think it’s worth every penny rather than resort to laser surgery.

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