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Electronic cigarettes are firmly in the mainstream, now that smoking regular cigarettes has been banned in public places and there is increasing controversy around passive smoking. With a huge variety to choose from, V2 Cigs is a one-stop-shop for e-cigarette aficionados, with its range of flavors, strengths and battery types.

What is V2?

V2 is an electronic cigarette that’s smoke-free, tar-free, ash-free and odor-free, but still delivers the nicotine punch. No more standing outside in the rain, no more smelly fingers or bad breath, no more second hand smoke around those you love. No more stinking cars, no more stressful airports, the V2 Cig gives an authentic smoking experience without the unsocial elements.

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What do you get V2?

The website is perfect for newbies like me. I built my Ultimate Starter Kit via their website, which lets you choose the flavor and strength of your cigarettes. There are a range of kits, even for couples or for those on the move and with many of the kits, you can even choose the e-cig size and color.

My kit came with a standard battery, long battery, manual battery, a few V2 flavor cartridges (foil-sealed) and a few ways to charge the batteries including the portable charger, usb charger, and wall charger. I was pleased to see that the flavor cartridge came with an expiration date, so you can see the freshness.

I used the discount above which gave me 15% off my starter kit, and gives 10% off of anything in-store.

What’s the set up like?

I read the user guide first, and it was pretty easy to charge up. I just used my charger and the USB port on my laptop to charge the battery (easy to see, as the LED glows red whilst it’s charging, blue when it’s done). It took about 2 hours to fully charge.

When you need to put in or change a flavor cartridge, it’s as simple as removing the cap and screwing the cartridge onto the battery. Hey presto – another ‘pack’ of cigs! After a bit of practice, I learned that the ‘smoke’ is activated best by taking a few short, strong puffs followed by a longer, slow puff.

Using V2 – as good as the real thing?

Among the other flavors that is chose, I opted for the Red flavor in a medium strength, being a regular Lucky Strike smoker. The first time I used it was at home as, not being a regular e-smoker, I wanted to trial it before being in public. I’ve got to say, the smoke it produces gives the same level of satisfaction as a deep pull on a regular cigarette, and the tip glowed red for a more authentic experience.

So, trial over, I took my V2 with me for a night out with the boys. I got a couple of strange looks and a few questions, mostly from people that weren’t familiar with electronic cigarettes. When I explained how they worked and what the difference was, people were pretty impressed and also grateful that I wasn’t polluting their air with smoke and odors.

Although you can use them in a bar (make sure the bar staff know first that they’re e-cigs!) I felt a bit under the spotlight having never used them before, so I found it was easier to take them outside with the regular smokers. I’m sure once I’m more used to them, I’ll be perfectly fine and not feel the center of attention!

My wife and family were delighted with the switch, although I never smoke around the children, the e-cig meant no more nasty smells and I wasn’t banished outside to have one. After a week of using V2 e-cigs, my car smelled like an old ashtray, and that was the turning point. No going back to regular cigarettes for me.

How long does each V2 cartridge last?

I found that each cartridge lasted me two days, as a moderate smoker (usually about ten regular smokes a day), but I guess it depends on how much you smoke and how deeply you puff.

Regarding the battery, I found that after a full charge, it lasted just over a week, with moderate use.

What’s great about V2 cigs?

  • Easy to set up
  • Huge savings against regular cigarettes
  • More sociable, no smell
  • No passive smoking for those around you
  • Authentic experience with glowing tip and satisfactory ‘smoke’
  • Range of 12 flavors (including Turkish, menthol and vanilla) and strengths to suit all
  • Incentive program – introduce others to V2 for a $15 account credit, enough for 5 cartridges

What’s not so great about V2 cigs?

  • You may feel apprehensive at first at using e-cig in public (but that might be just me…and it’s not limited to V2 cigs but all e-cigs!!)

What are other people saying about V2 Cigs?

“It has an incredibly smooth draw and produces massive amounts of vapor even on small hits. There’s a lot of value here, and anyone from the casual smoker to the pack a day or more crowd should feel right at home.” Blake P

I just can’t stop telling my friends about this product. Simply amazing, 5 out of 5.” Jacey Halen

I work in surgery, so I do see the effects of smoking in so many people and am finally glad that there is something out there to truly help people stop smoking for good” Stacey Douthill VanMetre

“I smoked 2 packs a day for 34 years. V2 gave me back my life. I’m smoke free, I have more energy than I’ve had in years, food tastes better, I can breathe when I get up in the morning, my car doesn’t smell, and last month I saved over $200. I can’t offer a better testimonial than that” Tommy Urbina

My overall opinion of V2 Cigs

I was initially apprehensive of electronic cigarettes but was impressed with the quality of the V2 Cig experience – a decent drag, an authentic look & feel and a satisfying amount of ‘smoke’. Next I’m going to try the cigar flavor and see whether I can get our poker nights a little less hazy and a little more sociable the next day!

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